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July 9, 2015

Published on Scary Mommy:

As a mother, you have expectations. Expectations of what your child will experience, understand, love and hate growing up. As moms, we set the bar high, and have a tendency to have unr...

July 8, 2015

Huffington Post:

This article was a work in progress for quite a while. It simmered in the pot for months. 
Grateful and excited to have The Huffington Post run it.

Being marr...

May 27, 2015

I am a bit of a Type-A personality and when my parents came up to visit Mother's Day weekend to celebrate my daughter's 6th birthday, I wanted everything to go as planned. Nothing did and the hilarity of it all is what made the imperfection, complete perfection. Not ha...

May 9, 2015

I can't make this stuff up if I tried. I wish it was fictional. Every ounce of it. It is funny when you are on the outside looking in, but not when you're in it. With it. With him. With them.

10:45 a.m. on Sunday morning and the kids are all gathered in the front of chu...

April 13, 2015

As featured on the site:

Bedtime makes me want to hurl myself in front of a moving vehicle, stab my eyes out with hot pokers, and hogtie my children to their mattresses. Their reasons for getting out of bed, not going to sleep, and ne...

March 10, 2015

Yesterday was Barbie's birthday! You didn't receive the Facebook reminder? Tsk. Tsk. March 9, 1959, the doll made its entrance into the world at a toy fair in New York. Mattel scooped up that Barbie broad and the rest is a tune of over over 3 billion dolla...

March 6, 2015

Published on Scary Mommy:

The moment when your baby discovers his or her hands.
“Holy cow, I have hands! Just look at em’--aren’t they amazing! I can stare at them for hours. Did you know they can fit in my mouth?!”

February 8, 2015

 Definitely more similar than different. Other similarities....

  • Obsessed with the weather

  • Obsessed with what day of the week it is and the corresponding activities for that day

  • Structured

  • They are never to blame

  • Obsessed with taking or not taking...

January 20, 2015

Swimming is a big thing in our community. Kids begin when they are babies, do it
year-round, and strive to make the school swimming club. We also live near a large body of water and swimming is something to do when it’s bitterly cold six months of the year. They both h...

January 18, 2015  


1. Shreds of Kleenex

2. Those damn Rainbow Loom bands

3. Boogers

4. Lego heads. Multiple.

5. Chapstick

6. Hairbands

7. To-do lists. On the back of receipts.

8. Cereal

9. My debit card

10. Use...

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December 24, 2015

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