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Amelia Bedelia Quits....and starts selling Jamberry, LuLaRoe, and Doterra Essential Oils

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rogers,

Regretfully, I can no longer work for you and am submitting my resignation as of today.I am starting my own business in oils, designer nails, leggings, and much more! In fact, I can get you a dress Mrs. Rogers that will make Holly Hobbie jealous. She will be so green with envy, her braids will turn to knots. Big knots. I am going to be a Trunk Keeper! The ultimate keeper of the trunks. No one will be able to get to all my trunks. Cedar, coffee, antique, and leather---no one will have access. I will be the ultimate protector. Matilda Jane said my protection over the trunks will bring everyone youth and happiness. I want everyone to stay young and happy, so my new job is very important.

Another new business venture of mine is nails! Not nails like Mr. Rogers uses to build things, but nails on a person--fingernails. My nails have never looked better and I can thank Jamberry for their amazing designs and patterns. I'm hosting an online virtual party next Tuesday and three people are already signed up! I tried out boysenberry, raspberry, and apricot nectar and they all looked and tasted superb. In fact, I alternated jams on my right hand. It went: blueberry, blueberry, raspberry, blueberry, blueberry. Amazing! I know I'll sell out for sure. I'll tell people they don't need a hair dryer; they just need canning jars. While I was doing my nails, I accidentally spilt Jamberry on my stockings. I was so disappointed, because I thought I stained my new leggings. Fortunately, the stain came right out due to a Norwex cloth that also works well in cleaning vegetables. It cleaned my leggings just as well as the cucumbers! The cloth worked so well on my leggings and other veggies, that I cleaned the toilet and sink with it too. I even washed the car with it. It got the grease stains right out!

Oh! Mrs. Rogers, you must buy a pair of new leggings. Stockings are so Saturday. My new leggings make my apron pop and I know you would look ravishing in them. My old stockings are a sad second to my new LuLaRoe leggings. They look just like the ones I got for you, Mrs. Rogers, from County Seat in 1993! They are so stylish, comfortable, and go great with tunics. You can wear them with skirts, dresses, or paired with a smart jacket. I know Mr. Rogers would think you looked pretty AND sophisticated. They even named a dress after me!

That's because I sold 400 pairs of leggings at my pop-up boutique after I cleaned your house, baked pies, and took you and Mr. Rogers to the airport last Wednesday.

In fact, Mr. Rogers had a cold that Wednesday, so I gave him some of the essential oils I am selling to try. I know he felt better after he put Melaleuca, Peppermint, Purify, and Whisper on his elbows, back, wrists,stomach and back. He smelled like a candy cane and the dog wouldn't stop licking him! It was so sweet. He also mixed Lavender with Vicks VapoRub, slathered it all over his feet and slept like a baby. Those oils are so heavenly, I almost put some in the soup I made for dinner Mrs. Rogers. Sadly, Mr. Rogers used a whole bottle of Clary Sage on his knees, so I couldn't add it to the lentil soup. Bummer.

I have enjoyed working for you both and hope you can understand why I am leaving. New jobs will give me the opportunity to grow and succeed, even though I am scared and lonely just thinking about it! :( I hope I can use you as a reference and thank you for all your years of hospitality, patience and employment. You will be deeply missed. Unfortunately, my car broke down this morning and I will need to grab a Cabi. Sorry for the short notice-


Amelia Bedelia

I am an educator by trade...

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