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A-aron's Thanksgiving Meal Evolution

When I was growing up, we would go to my Aunt Ann and Uncle Bus's ( short for Buster Brown/real name Walter) for Thanksgiving dinner. The spread was elaborate, with no less than ten pies, three different kinds of stuffings and potatoes, with whiskey slushes and fudge galore to wet one's palate before the feast. I have never been a picky eater and will eat pretty much anything except cantaloupe and goulash. Texture people. My younger brothers at the time, were extremely picky, especially my middle brother. He honestly only ate like six foods total and few of those were served at Thanksgiving. My mom tried every trick in the book, in addition to being the hard ass parent, but the kid ended up being malnourished and was under doctor's orders to 'let him eat whatever he wants, he needs calories.' So they did. Even on Thanksgiving. The ironic evolution of thanksgiving dinner according to A-aron.

Age 3 Yay! Fudge!

Age 4 Yay! Fudge!

Age 5

Vomits profusely on the way home from eating an entire pan of fudge.

Ages 6-18

Eats only dark meat turkey, brown and serve rolls, and fudge.

Demands my parents go through McDonald's drive-thru.

Parents go through McDonald's drive-thru.

A-aron eats burger, fries, and a shake.

Does not share food with older sister or younger brother. Knowledgable retribution is forthcoming.

Ages 19-22 Barely eats turkey, rolls, and fudge due to being so hungover. Asks my parents for McDonald's.

Age 23 Realizes he likes and appreciates food and begins eating fruits and vegetables, not just Jack's Super Cheese pizza.

Age 24-present day Complete and total foodie. Has a chef's kitchen. Prepares Thanksgiving dinner for others. Brines a turkey. Has onion cutting glasses for God's sake. Detests McDonald's. Married. Two kids. One is a really good eater, one is not. HIs son only eats dark meat turkey, brown and serve rolls, and fudge.

I am an educator by trade...

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