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20 Items in my pocket


1. Shreds of Kleenex

2. Those damn Rainbow Loom bands

3. Boogers

4. Lego heads. Multiple.

5. Chapstick

6. Hairbands

7. To-do lists. On the back of receipts.

8. Cereal

9. My debit card

10. Used Band-Aids

11. One Sock. Usually a child’s.

12. Fingernail clippings

13. Earring back

14. Pennies

15. Fingernail polish that has been peeled off.

16. Yellow fruit snacks-No one likes those.

17. Magic Sand. My ass.

18. Barbie shoes.

19. Ninja Turtle weapons.

20. A deceased Lady Bug. Don’t ask.

(these items were not in my pocket all at the same time)

I am an educator by trade...

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