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The waitress set down our entrees and poured us each some more wine. Describing the dishes with effervescent detail, she explained the flavor combinations of the aioli served with my husband’s Hanger steak and pommes frites.She returned a bit later to check in with us about dinner.

Waitress: “How is everything? Can I bring you anything else?”

Husband: “It’s great! Can I have some more areola?”

Waitress: Blink. Blink. “What?”

Husband: “ Some more areola…..for my pommes frites.”

Waitress: “ Oh, yes. Of course."

Me: “You just asked our waitress for ‘more’ of the area around a woman’s nipple.”

The waitress disappeared into the kitchen never to be seen from again. Two other servers took turns attending to our table the rest of the evening.


I am an educator by trade...

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