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Ethan Allen & Mikel Jackson

Sometimes in Merica', we don't realize and appreciate the freedoms we have. We definitely take them for granted. When it come to naming our bundle of joy, we can name it whatever the heck we want. Ball. Bat. Paper. Pencil. Whatever. It is our choice and obviously, anything goes. In other parts of the world, there are rules, regulations, even naming committees who have power on what you can name your new bebe.

Germany, Denmark, and Sweden are a few that have rigid rules in regards to monikers. This article by Mental_floss in 2010 is eye-opening and fascinating. Make sure to read what does and does not make the cut. Bus Shelter is a solid in New Zealand.

The Huffington Post via Nameberry published an article about the hottest baby name trends for 2015. Overall, the names didn't make me vomit on impact or grimace in disdain. A few of the color names threw me for a loop, due to having zero idea what the name was depicting or the pronounceability of it. A bit of Googling later... ...I found out.....

Mazarine Blue is a type of butterfly indigenous to Europe and is sadly, now extinct. Extinct=Popular. Oh, Blake Lively! Thank me later Jessica Biel! Mazarine is also the daughter of the former French President, Francois Mitterrand, but that won't be its selling point. An extinct butterfly. Glorious!

As parents, we desperately want our kids to be unique. Stand out. Be one step ahead. For many, this begins with their name. I don't disagree. However, I do think we have jumped the shark a bit. We spend so much time and energy on

BabyName Wizard researching names to find the best, the trendiest, the most unique,the most meaningful, the most powerful name, we forget that Junior could have that name for next eighty years. 'Go South!' could be a bit confusing when playing soccer. Or ' Get the ball Cerulean!' doesn't roll off the tongue as expected. It begins with celery and sounds like Ian at the end.

In education, you run across a plethora of distinct and unusual names. I can't imagine Labor & Delivery in any major hospital. You know they take bets on certain names. I put $20 on Elsa this year. As you check out the trendiest names for 2015 and think about some of your favorites, ponder these suggestions before slapping it on the birth certificate.

1. NO common nouns. ( branch, desk, judge) 2. NO name mixing. (Braxxnon) 3. NO messing with the phonetic spelling. (Kaerynn ) 4. Don't have their full name be attributed to a brand or celebrity. ( Ethan Allen, Mikel Jackson) 5. Don't put K or X in places where it shouldn't be. 6. Don't name your children after your hobby. They will hate you. ( Melody, Tenor, Sax) 7. If you mispronounce it when you yell it, don't use it. 8. If you misspell it when you write it, don't use it. 9. If you had a beloved mule named Sadie, don't name your daughter after the mule. 10. Don't name your child after a character from an X-Men movie. "Wolverine, you need to share!"

Check out Key & Peele's Substitute Teacher:

I am an educator by trade...

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