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Kid Art is the Breastess

Kid art is the best. It provides a window into their world and allows one to glance at the environment through their eyes. We love when their drawings resemble a penis or when they paint anatomically correct details on superheroes. Nipples make us giggle. Double points when they draw mom taller than dad or put all the family members in the picture, including the lice their sisters came home with last week.

My daughter apparently thinks we both have cleavage. Both are highly inaccurate, but I'm enjoying the new look. Dolly Parton has bestowed her gifts unto us. Implants look just silly compared to these.

She must be obsessing about breasts right now, because she asks almost daily when she can get a bra. Trust me sunshine, nothing to be excited about. The excitement wears off within 24 hours. This is the same girl who told me last year she needed to shave her legs, because they were furry--like Daddy's. I am not looking forward to 6th grade and will be hiding the tweezers tomorrow.

I could be wrong...maybe these are Melanie Griffith's shoulder pads from Working Girl making a comeback, but she's too young to have watched that gem. I will ask her later today, but I hope they are breasts...because I look ah-mazing.

I am an educator by trade...

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